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Easing Foot Pain: Tips For Finding The Right Shoes For Elderly Swollen Feet

As we get older, our feet can become swollen, making it difficult to find comfortable and supportive shoes. Foot pain and stability issues can also be an issue for older people. There are shoes for elderly swollen feet making it essential to find shoes that provide the necessary cushioning and arch support. In that blog post, they’ll give tips on finding the right shoes for elderly feet that can help ease the pain and prevent falls.

Look For Roomy Shoes With A Deep-Toe Box

For older people with swollen feet, looking for shoes with roomy toe boxes is essential. Elderly feet tend to swell more than younger feet, and if the shoe is too tight, it can cause pain and discomfort and lead to further foot problems. Look for a wide-toe box that gives your toes some breathing room. The shoe should also have a deep toe box so that the front of the foot does not press against the top of the shoe. It is also essential to measure your feet so you are sure to get the right size. If you have trouble calculating your feet at a store, try using a home measuring system such as Brannock device to ensure an accurate fit.

Additionally, look for adjustable closures like laces or hook-and-loop fastenings that provide a custom fit. When trying on new shoes, make sure they fit comfortably from the moment you put them on—you shouldn’t need to “break in” your shoes. Shoes with shock-absorbing insoles or cushioning helps protect against potential falls or other injuries caused by balance issues in older adults. Soft leather uppers and linings provide comfort and flexibility as well as breathability. Lastly, replace your footwear when necessary—depending on how often you wear them, and shoes should be returned every six months or every year.

Go For Low Heels — No More Than Two Inches

When shopping for shoes for elderly feet, look for low heels — no more than two inches. High heels can reduce an older person’s balance and increase the risk of falls. Heels also tend to make elderly feet ache more than flats due to increased pressure on the toes and balls of the feet. If you’re looking for shoes with some height, consider a wedge or a platform sole, which provides more stability than a heel. Look for shoes with wide, supportive soles and built-in arch support. Soft, padded insoles can also help cushion the feet and reduce foot pain. Check that the inside of the shoe is roomy enough to fit any orthotics your loved one may wear, such as inserts for flat feet or special inserts for arthritis in the feet.

shoes for elderly swollen feetAdditionally, look for shoes made from materials that allow feet to breathe so they don’t get too hot and sweaty. Leather uppers are best since they stretch and give as your loved one walks. To ensure your loved one has the right fit, buy shoes in the afternoon when feet are at their largest size due to swelling during the day. Lastly, please track how quickly shoes wear out, as older adults often walk longer distances, thus wearing down their shoes faster than most others. Bring this up during doctor visits so they can check that your loved one has adequately fitted shoes that won’t cause any injury.

Avoid Pointy Toes Of Shoes For Elderly To Prevent Falls

Falls are one of the most significant risks that elderly individuals face. Wearing shoes with pointed toes can increase your risk of falling by reducing your balance and putting you off balance. When shopping for shoes for elderly to prevent falls, look for rounded or wide-toe boxes. This will provide you with the necessary space to walk confidently and comfortably while giving comfort and support. Additionally, it is essential to consider the shoe size when selecting a style. Opt for shoes that are not too tight, which could cause further imbalance. If you have difficulty finding a pair of shoes with a wide enough toe box, consider custom-made shoes, as they can be tailored to provide the necessary space and support.

Make Sure The Shoe Is Made Of Soft, Breathable Materials

When shopping for shoes for older people with swollen feet, it is important to find shoes made of soft, breathable materials. Poorly ventilated footwear can cause uncomfortable and unhealthy conditions like excessive sweating and fungal growth. Opt for shoes that have mesh and textile upper materials, as they allow air to circulate the foot and provide a comfortable fit. Leather and synthetic uppers are also suitable, as long as they are soft enough to be comfortable and allow the foot to breathe. This will help keep your feet cool and reduce moisture buildup. Look for removable insoles or extra padding in the shoe: Removable insoles or extra cushioning in the sole can provide comfort and shock absorption while walking, particularly if you have arthritis or joint pain.

Cushioned insoles also help protect against soreness caused by walking on hard surfaces or standing on concrete floors for prolonged periods. Consider adjustable features on the shoe: Adjustable features such as Velcro straps or lacing systems make it easier to get a snug fit without having to tie or untie laces. These features can simplify putting on and taking off shoes for those with mobility issues or arthritis. Choose slip-resistant outsoles: Slipping is a common issue among seniors, and wearing slip-resistant shoes can help reduce falls. Look for outsoles with good grip and traction on various surfaces, including wet surfaces. In addition, look for lightweight shoes: Look for lightweight shoes with flexible construction, which allows them to move naturally with your foot.

Opt For Velcro Closures Instead Of Laces

For older people with difficulty with laces, velcro closures are a great alternative. Velcro fasteners are easier to open and close than laces, making them much more convenient for those with limited mobility. Plus, they can accommodate varying foot sizes and shapes since they’re adjustable. The downside to velcro closures is that they may offer less support than laces, but they should provide enough support to ensure comfort and a secure fit. Also, it’s essential to remember that velcro closures tend to wear out quicker than laces, so check the straps regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Wear shoes with roomy toe boxes: Toes need plenty of room to move freely, especially if you suffer from arthritis or bunions. That’s why wearing shoes with roomy toe boxes is so important—not only do they provide more space for your toes to move around in, and they also help reduce pressure on swollen feet and the risk of pain and injury.

Don’t forget about arch support: If you have arthritis or balance issues, you’ll want to look for shoes that provide plenty of arch support. This will help reduce strain on the feet, ankles, knees, and hips, making walking or standing straight easier without feeling discomfort or pain.

Look for non-slip soles: Older adults often struggle with balance, which makes non-slip soles an absolute must.

Look For Shoes With Good Traction

Good traction is a must for any older person. When looking for shoes, make sure the sole is made from rubber or similar material that provides a good grip on different surfaces. This will reduce the risk of slips and falls. Avoid slippery materials like leather and vinyl that can easily cause you to slide around. Also, look for raised bumps and patterns on the bottom of the shoe that can help grip the ground. Test the shoes in a store before buying them to ensure they offer the right amount of traction. Wear the same socks you plan to wear with the shoes when trying them on. This will give you an accurate sense of how comfortable they feel when walking.

Consider getting shoes with wide-toe boxes to prevent blisters and pressure sores. Avoiding narrow shoes if you have swollen feet is essential, as it can lead to painful pinching. The best shoes should also feature breathable materials so your feet stay cool and dry. Furthermore, look for soft padding around the ankles to give extra support when walking. Finally, watch for flexible soles, which help with natural foot movements when walking.

Consider Custom-Made Shoes For Elderly With Balance Problems

When finding the right shoes for elderly with balance problems, custom-made shoes may be the best option. Bespoke shoes are designed to provide better support and stability, making them ideal for those who need extra help with balance. The shoes are tailored to fit your feet, so they won’t slip or cause discomfort. The heel height can be customized, as well as the arch support. And if you have a specific medical condition, custom-made shoes can also be designed to accommodate your needs. So if you have balance issues due to age, consider getting bespoke shoes to ensure you get the best possible fit and support.


Finding the right shoes for elderly feet is necessary to ease foot pain, prevent falls, and improve balance. Roomy shoes with a deep toe box and low heels provide comfort, while velcro closures and good traction offer stability. Soft, breathable materials are also crucial for your feet’s health. If necessary, custom-made shoes may be the best option for elderly with balance problems. Remember that caring for your feet as you age is essential for staying active and healthy.

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